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Copywriting and localization is what helps products, ideas and projects to be successful across borders and cultures. When we truly understand products, they are not just things that serve a purpose, they move us. They make us dream, enable us to be a part of a greater goal or share a common experience with others. Products that we understand give us the positive feeling of doing the right thing. If you want to present your products in different countries, rely on the expertise of your multicultural copywriter!

Why do we need copywriters?

Imagine that you have developed a new product or an innovative service that you want to launch on the market. All you need to do now is to present your product or service to your target group of customers, by using the right key words in a natural way. You have your finger on the pulse, your products are clearly distinguishable, competitive and sustainable. But how do you present them on your web site or in an advertising slogan?

If you have ever tried to create content, you will probably agree that copywriting and alpine climbing have much in common. In both cases we find ourselves at the beginning of a long, not exactly determined path. Just like climbers will closely watch the weather and prepare their equipment, copywriters will always keep in mind the target group and the customer’s communication strategy. In changing conditions, both climbers and copywriters will change their pace or route. It might seem that they climb steep rope routes or go the long way round, however, they always choose a path that leads to the goal. Because they are professionals, and they do their job with passion.

Let your copywriter create texts for your product presentations, image brochures, sales messages or website content. Make more of your translations, create localized content that is sensitive to cultural norms and expectations of your target audience. Show your customers that you speak their language!

Common Language can provide copywriting & localization for your brand and products. Our target markets are Germany and Austria and the countries of South-Eastern Europe: Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia.

Our copywriting package:

  • Meeting or call to determine your needs and goals
  • Communication strategy and culture specifics
  • Copywriting for your target groups
  • Localization of content, layout and pictures
  • Two feedback rounds
  • A handover meeting
  • Languages we work with: German, Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Serbian

Individual package prices upon request.

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Successful communication is based on a common language!

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