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Customers are people who understand your product.

Copywriter in Vienna

Copywriting is the art of communication that makes products successful on the markets. When we truly understand products, they are not just things that serve a purpose for us, but they move us. They make us dream, enable us to contribute to a greater goal or share our common experience with others. Products that we understand give us the positive feeling of doing the right thing. Copywriting is what helps you to create that deep understanding of your products and gain happy customers.

Why do we need copywriting?

You have invested a lot of work into developing a new product or an innovative service, and now you want to place it on the market. You want to address your target audience and inspire potential customers to take action. You know the product and its advantages compared to the competition: the benefits outweigh the costs, your product is clearly distinguishable, novel and sustainable. So you sit down in front of the PC to write that down, and you find yourself thinking:

How do I say this?

If you have already asked yourself this question, this is the right place for you! The purpose of copywriting is to make your life easier when you communicate with your potential customers. Copywriting refers to writing of marketing texts and copies, or short advertising slogans. However, it does not only mean “writing”, but also creating spoken texts. In a broader sense, copywriting also includes writing of content and topic-related texts such as blog posts, articles for magazines, content for a website, brochures, PR messages, campaigns, etc.

I believe that copywriting and mountain climbing have quite a few things in common. In both cases, we know the destination, but there is a path ahead of us that may hold many surprises. When we stand at the foot of a mountain, or the beginning of a text, we have a certain, rather limited perspective, and with every step we make, our perspective is changing and expanding. Just like an alpinist will change her approach if the weather conditions change, the copywriter will adapt the text to make sure that it serves the purpose you want to achieve and has the desired effect on the audience. Your valuable feedback is of great importance in this process. Both the alpinist and the copywriter may choose multiple turns or change the route and pace. But both of them - the climber and the copywriter – will arrive at their destination safely and confidently. Because they are passionate about what they do!

At Common Language, your copies and promotional materials will be written by a passionate copywriter with a multicultural background. I provide various types of texts: Website content, brochures, articles for blogs or magazines, campaigns and newsletters, copies....

With copywriting from Common Language, you can be sure that people will truly understand your products – which will make them your customers!

You can choose between several cultures or languages: German, English, Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Serbian.

Copywriting package:

  • Meeting or call to determine your needs and goals
  • Communication strategy and culture specifics
  • A draft copy or text
  • Localization of content, layout and pictures, if needed
  • Two feedback rounds
  • A handover meeting

Individual package prices upon request.

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Common Language for your success!

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