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Whenever people come together, they want to understand each other, and quite often they need interpreter services to do so. It can be at international conferences, B2B meetings, lectures with international participants etc. In all these cases, we want to convey the message and get involved with the participants, as the very purpose of such an event is to actively share knowledge and ideas. Whenever you plan an international event, rely on communication competencies of your experienced conference interpreter!

Why do we need interpreters?

Have you ever been in a situation like this: You participate in a meeting with persons from different countries, and you agreed to communicate in a language that is a foreign language for most of you (as a rule, that language is English). After not so long you realize that your partners do not have sufficient command of the language of communication. You are hearing uncommon phrases that you only partially understand, or the accent of the other person is making it hard for you to recognize what is being said. As a matter of fact, you also have an important point that you want to make clear, but in the very moment, you find yourself stuck for words (that will only come to your mind after the event). When the meeting is over, you are actually not certain that you understood the others right and vice versa.

Common Language can provide you with highly qualified interpreter services which give you the certainty that everybody will understand each other.

We provide our interpreter services at the venue and in person, or at a virtual meeting set up by using digital conference tools. Tailored to your needs and the communication situation, we use various techniques: simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, whispered interpretation (chuchotage), relay interpretation.

Our interpretation service package:

  • Meeting or call to determine your individual needs
  • Advice on adequate interpretation technology
  • Free, non-binding offer
  • Interpreter preparation concerning subject-matter and terminology
  • To-the-point interpretation service at your event
  • Quality assurance and follow-up
  • Covered language combinations: English-German, English-Bosnian, English-Croatian, English-Montenegrin, English-Serbian, German-Bosnian, German-Croatian, German-Montenegrin, German-Serbian

Prices start at € 100,00 per hour of interpretation. We offer package prices for short assignments and events lasting several hours or days.

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