What services do you offer?

Like an athlete who goes from windsurfing to kitesurfing and after some time to sailing, we are at home in several areas of cross-cultural communication: translation, interpretation and copywriting. We offer specialized translations of legal, commercial, medical and technical texts, literary translations and adaptations, conference interpreting, copywriting and localization.

In which languages do you work?

Our working languages are German, English, and Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian. We provide interpreter services and technical translations from and into these languages, e.g. from German into English and Serbian, or from English into Serbian and German. However, we do not have the same experience in all subject areas, with all types of texts and communication situations. Therefore, we always ask for as much information as possible beforehand in order to provide you with a tailor-made offer.

We provide copywriting and localization services in German and Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian.

We translate novels, poems and short stories from Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin and Serbian into German.

What are your prices?

Creative work is not so easy to put a price tag on, and we value customized services. For this reason, we will first talk to you to determine your needs and the scope of services you wish us to provide. Thereafter, we will send you an individual, non-binding offer. Every offer is based on fair market prices in Austria.

How fast do you work?

This depends on the type and scope of service that you choose and how much capacity we have at that moment. As a rule, translation of short texts of a few pages takes 2-3 days, 50 and more pages can take several weeks.

We usually work 2-3 weeks on smaller content packages of a few pages, including feedback. Bigger projects such as website copywriting and website localization can take one to two months.

If you have specific dates in mind, please let us know. Together we will find a suitable solution.

What do I do if I need a translation?

Contact us as soon as you know that you will need a translation, even if the document is still being written or revised. We will be ready for your project. After reviewing the document in question, we will know more about the translation requirements and will be able to determine the price and the necessary deadline for the translation.

Why do you want to know the purpose of the translation?

Knowing the purpose of your text helps us to optimize the translation process and make translation decisions according to your needs. For example, if a text is used to subtitle a video, this will affect content and style. If the same text is translated for a voice-over, different factors may be crucial, and it is again completely different if the same text is needed for an advertising brochure.

How do I proceed if I need an interpreter?

If you need an interpreter, please get in touch during planning of your event or at least two weeks before the date. We will reserve the time for your event and will be happy to advise you on the type of interpretation, number of interpreters, any interpreting equipment needed, duration of the event, general guidelines for speakers, etc.

Why do I need two interpreters?

Interpreting is a major cognitive effort and requires the utmost concentration. The best among us know that after about 20-30 minutes they need a break. That is why at conferences, two simultaneous interpreters work together and take turns. When it comes to consecutive interpreting in conversational situations, especially for short assignments, the interpreting can also be done by one interpreter. Since every communication situation is different, individual consultation is very important!

Why do you need reference materials for interpreting assignments?

In order to prepare for your event, we need as much information as possible about participants, content and goals of your event. We will ask you to send us background documents, presentations, lists of speakers or the agenda, etc. well in advance of the event. The documents will only be used for the preparation of interpreters for your event and will be treated confidentially.

Why is literary translation different?

Literary translation is a creative process of transforming and re-writing in another language. The purpose of translation is to make a work of literature accessible to readers in a different culture, and there are specific translation goals that we strive to achieve: to transfer the linguistic expressiveness of the original and make the author"s creativity recognizable to the readers, to open up the world of thoughts and feelings of the protagonists, to enable the understanding of culture-specific perspectives, values and expectations etc.

What can you copy write?

We offer individual services such as storytelling for your advertising campaign, copywriting for a product presentation or an advertising brochure, content creation for your website, localization of your online texts for a specific target group. We are specialized in German-speaking countries as well as in countries of South-Eastern Europe: Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro.

How do I proceed if I am interested in copywriting?

If you are interested in copywriting and localization, it is best to contact us personally. We will ask you about your needs and goals for your market presence, and together we will define the scope of our services. After that, we will be happy to make you a tailor-made offer for a copywriting package including communication strategy, initial meeting, implementation and feedback meetings.

What about confidentiality?

Every piece of information that you communicate to us in writing or verbally as part of our collaboration, is subject to strict confidentiality. This includes the content of your documents, details about your events, brands, communication goals etc. Upon request we will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with you.

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