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Technical texts require mental work of experts. So do translations!

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We are fully aware of the requirements for specialized translation services. Every technical text is a product of hard work, and it is not unusual for several experts or a whole team to join forces in drafting such texts. No wonder, technical texts are characterized by complexity and accuracy and they follow specific conventions in order to be clear, unambiguous and comprehensible for other experts. Whenever you need a translation of a technical text, rely on proven competencies of your experienced translator!

Why do we need technical translators?

We all translate in our everyday life, not necessarily into a foreign language, but within our native language (intralingual translation). This is the case when parents explain a scientific term to their child or when a doctor speaks with a patient about the effects of a therapy. We also very often translate from or into a foreign language, e.g. when we negotiate with a client from another country in one language and then write a report in our native language (interlingual translation). In our global world, translation has become as natural as walking.

Although it feels natural, translation is in fact a job done by professionals. We can all walk, and still only some of us are alpine climbers, and similarly, only some of us are translators. Successful translation needs special knowledge and skills, practice, accuracy and a life-long learning attitude. What makes a translator is a formal education in translation studies, together with practice-approved competencies.

Common Language can provide you with high-quality technical translations which give you the certainty that everything is translated correctly and accurately.

We specialize in law, economy and finance, technology and medicine. We are experienced translators of contracts of all kinds, general terms and conditions, financial statements, business reports, technical specifications and expert opinions, static calculations, medical records etc. Our languages are German, English and Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Serbian.

It can sometimes be turbulent when a project involves multiple languages. We offer you customized and flexible translation services so you can focus all your attention on your project. Contact us and we will find a common language!

Our translation service package:

  • Meeting or call to determine your individual needs
  • Agreement on scope of service, deadlines, purpose of translation etc.
  • Flexible and customized service for large translation projects
  • Free, non-binding offer
  • Customer-specific terminology and quality assurance
  • Punctual and reliable delivery and absolute confidentiality
  • Covered language combinations: English-German, English-Bosnian, English-Croatian, English-Montenegrin, English-Serbian, German-Bosnian, German-Croatian, German-Montenegrin, German-Serbian

Price range between € 1.40 und € 1.80 per standard line. We offer package prices for short texts and larger orders.

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